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It has been designed by sleep specialists.

Combines bone conduction and sound recognition techniques.


Detects and records all your snoring.

Stimulates you with a signal adapted to yourself.

Elegant, comfortable and effective

Snore Circle devices use analgesic materials with long battery life and efficiency controlled by your App.


In spite of a limited initial investment it has a cost very below the real cost of the other devices and carries an efficiency that they do not have the same.

Your personal coach

You’ve decided to stop snoring. Congratulations! You’ll quickly notice improvements in your health! However, like any good decision you’ve made for your health, it’s going to cost you some effort to change your lifestyle. But with the Snore Circle App, you have a personal coach who will help you by recording all your improvements. By connecting your smartphone in the morning, not only will you know the total number of your nighttime snores, but also how many snores you managed to control and very valid information about your sleep such as the various phases of light and deep sleep, as well as the phases (totally normal) of micro awakenings. The App gives you every morning an objective evaluation of the quality of your sleep. Thus, your personal coach motivates you to maintain your efforts to improve your sleep with a change in your lifestyle which, of course, also has to include a perfect hygiene of life (controlling your weight, limiting your consumption of alcohol and coffee, going to bed and getting up at fixed times, …).

Control your snoring

How do you stop snoring at night? To stop snoring supposes that one knows that he snores and learns to control his snoring.

Snore Circle anti-snoring devices are scientifically designed. Unlike other anti-snoring devices available on the market, nasal dilators, nasal strips, jaw advances, sprays, …, or surgical treatments, Snore Circle does not act on the physical causes of snoring, the muscles of the tongue or on what causes nasal or airway congestion. On the contrary, Snore Circle are devices scientifically designed by a team of medical sleep specialists and scientists who are experts in electronic signals, which allow you to become aware of your snoring and train you to control it. Its sound and vibration detector (the bone vibration that occurs when you snore) allows you to detect and signal (even if you don’t wake up and only your brain is aware of it) the onset of snoring to help you stop the snoring and control it completely. After a few days of use, your brain will understand the logic of the production of snoring and will allow you to control them until you stop snoring altogether. Snore Circle thus stand out for being effective anti-snoring devices and a solution to stop snoring forever.

Improve your sleep

The one who snores sometimes doesn’t even know it. Your partner may have told you or complained a lot. But it’s not what matters. What matters is the quality of your dream to ensure the quality of your health. We don’t talk about bothering others, we talk about helping you sleep better. When you snore, you spend a lot of energy and your body cannot reach the conditions required for an adequate rest. Little by little the quality of your sleep worsens. If you don’t act on your snoring, you could develop sleep apnea. You don’t reach the resting conditions, the tiredness gradually settles down. With Snore Circle devices you will be able to put an end to this vicious circle. Snore Circle will show you how to stop snoring forever. In a first phase you will become aware of your snoring and after a few days you will begin to control and finally eradicate all your snoring. The App will show you your improvements and will indicate you, days after days, the objective and increasingly better quality of your dream.

Improve your health

You’ve decided to deal with your snoring problem! We prefer to see that you have decided to take control of your health. Snoring doesn’t just bother others. The most important thing is to know that snoring is not good for your health. If you don’t treat snoring, you may develop sleep apnea. Without reaching such an unfavorable medical condition, while you snore you cannot reach the necessary conditions for a restful rest. You sleep, but you sleep badly. You don’t get everything you need back. Little by little you get tired and this state of tiredness is bad for your health. Like others who have decided to control their weight, you have decided to control and stop your snoring and finally stop snoring. It’s a big decision. With the help of Snore Circle and the necessary lifestyle changes, you will influence the parameters that will allow you to have an excellent sleep and thus improve your health.

Measures your efficiency

Snore Circle devices are the effective anti-snore device. They work! We don’t say it. Yes, we care a lot and value the opinions of those customers who helped us improve our snore devices, we don’t need to teach satisfaction surveys. No, really, it works and you can check it yourself, with your smartphone, observing the improvement of the quality of your sleep, the decrease and then the disappearance of your snoring. Snore Circle devices give you, every day, a scientific assessment of the quality of your sleep.

The efficiency of Snore Circle is measurable. Just transfer the data from the App to your smartphone and you’ll see how it helps you control your snoring.

Microlab of your sleep

With its App, Snore Circle becomes a micro laboratory of your dream. By synchronising the data collected by Snore Circle during the night you can have objective data about the quality of your sleep. A record of the number of snores and the number of snores you have controlled will show you the efficiency of the device. With Snore Circle you can stop snoring quickly. But the App gives you much more; it shows you the effective data of your sleep, with the effective duration of each phase of it (light sleep, deep sleep, micro awakenings). It gives you a scientific evaluation of the intrinsic quality of your sleep. This way you can monitor the results of your efforts to change your lifestyle and observe the objective improvement of the quality of your sleep and your health.

With your App, Snore Circle becomes your sleep lab.

Consult the improvement in the quality of your sleep, days after days.

There’s no need to convince you, you see it WORKS!

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