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Here you can find answers to the different questions you may have.

If you have any other questions or queries, please contact us using the contact form.

1. I have tried all kinds of products to avoid snoring, how is this different?

You have already bought several devices to stop snoring, but you are rather disappointed! Nasal strips and dilators don’t help you. Strap and mask systems are not either. The mandibular advancement brace has helped you in recent weeks, but it bothers you and you fear it may be harmful to the health of your teeth. You’re right, you have to be careful.

Have you ever thought about surgery? Did you know that you can work on the soft palate to tighten it? Depending on your morphology, this could be very useful, but it is an important and expensive operation.

There are many anti-snoring devices on the market, including mouth adapters, chinstrap, nasal devices, special pillows, oral treatments and sprays. Most of them are passive and try to fight the snoring process and not its causes, and… with very limited success.

Snore Circle’s approach is different.

Snore Circle is smart and proactive!

  • It takes into account the natural processes of our body, which are the relaxation of throat muscles and the ability of our brain to adapt our posture and breathing while we sleep. These processes have an essential function – to keep us alive!
  • Instead of fighting these processes, Snore Circle mimics the way the brain treats snoring, but intervenes earlier and more lightly and discreetly, allowing us not only to stop snoring, but also to continue to sleep deeply.
  • By monitoring the normal rhythm of our breathing and the vibrations of our body when we snore (as our brain does during our sleep), Snore Circle acts before the brain realizes our breathing difficulties. By emitting micro-sounds and vibrations, it stimulates our natural ability to adjust our posture and clear our airways, which stops us from snoring.

2. Is it noisy? Will it wake me up?

While you sleep, Snore Circle also “sleeps” and does not emit any sound or vibration until it detects a beginning of snoring.

It is only when you start snoring that it emits a slight beep and vibrates slightly.

It may take about 3 days to adapt to the Snore Circle and the sounds and vibrations it emits. During this period, you may notice these signs slightly and possibly be awakened, but you will not be awakened at all and will fall back to sleep quickly.

Anyway, it won’t be any worse than being awakened by your own snoring.

After a while you will get used to the sounds and vibrations that you will no longer perceive or eventually remember, but only as the pleasant sensation of knowing that Snore Circle is helping you.

3. Is it effective immediately and definitively?

Research indicates that even if you get almost immediate positive results, the more you use Snore Circle, the more effective it will be.

  • We associate (with some satisfaction) the signs of Snore Circle with the need to clear our airways and change our posture.
  • Over time, it will be an autonomous reaction that we carry out without modifying our sleep rhythm, allowing us to sleep without interruption and almost without snoring.

In a nutshell, Snore Circle works because it uses our own ability to stop snoring, as opposed to devices that try to fight snoring instead.

It will be necessary to use Snore Circle again when snoring reappears.

4. Can it help with sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that corresponds to a complete closure of the respiratory system at throat level during sleep. Doctors indicate that the situation becomes pathological when the breathing pause extends beyond ten seconds and the process is repeated several times during the night (more than ten times per hour).

This condition requires a medical opinion and the use of specific equipment for continuous positive pressure (CPP) ventilation during the night.

Snoring is the result of shrinking of the throat during sleep. Bass sounds are mainly due to turbulence generated by the circulation of the normal amount of air you normally breathe, passing through a narrower space by force.

Snoring is often a consequence of lifestyle and physiological factors such as nasal congestion, reduced or misdirected nostrils, the use of certain medications, smoking, excessive drinking and/or sleep posture.

Snoring may be considered a lifestyle problem but is considered to promote the development of sleep apnea.

We remember that sleep apnea is a medical condition that requires medical monitoring.

Snore Circle helps in the prevention of many disorders but is not recommended for treating sleep apnea.

5. Is snoring bad for your health?

Being a nuisance to your partner is not the problem.

The problem is that snoring is the source of numerous associated health problems.

In fact, in addition to waking up frequently, even if you don’t notice it, snoring can generate:

  • too light sleep or poor quality sleep and consequently daytime sleepiness and significant fatigue can interfere with your quality of life.
  • long interruptions (more than 10 seconds) in breathing during sleep caused by partial obstruction or total blockage of the airways. Snoring predisposes to sleep apnea
  • a weariness of the heart. Long-term obstructive sleep apnea often results in high blood pressure, which can cause enlargement of the heart and a higher risk of heart attack.
  • a low level of oxygen in the blood. This can lead to constriction of blood vessels and eventually pulmonary hypertension.
  • chronic headaches
  • overweight
  • diabetes


6. Can I use it on any of my ears?

Yes. Snore Circle is suitable for wearing on anyone. You have to pivot the cushion so that the side with openings allows for the transmission of the signals.

Yes. You can sleep on top of the ear equipped with Snore Circle.

Some may find it uncomfortable, lying on the same side for a long time, particularly when using a firm pillow.

If so, it’s easy to switch Snore Circle from one ear to another. It is also important to find the perfectly matched pillow.

7. Is the mask more efficient than the headset?

The mask and headset use the same technology developed by the same Snore Circle scientific team.

Your ability to help control snoring is therefore equal.

The total screen to the light of the mask is undoubtedly an additional help to get a better rest, particularly during the day.

8. What are the Snore Circle settings?

The Snore Circle factory settings can be customized using your App. You can adjust both intensity and sensitivity of Snore Circle.

If you are in a place with a high level of ambient noise (e.g. airplane) you should reduce the sensitivity (so that Snore Circle does not respond to ambient noise) and increase the intensity (to also receive a stronger signal).

Conversely, in very quiet environments, you can reduce the signal strength.

You need to connect Snore Circle to your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

9. What is the battery life?

When the battery is fully charged, Snore Circle can run for 2 nights, but we recommend charging it every day.

10. How long does it take to reach full load?

It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

11. Can I use it on the plane or on the train?

Yes. Snore Circle is particularly prepared for your travels. You have to set the sensitivity to “Low” and the intensity to “High” so that Snore Circle does not respond to ambient noises inside the aircraft and that the sounds and vibrations are louder when you need to stop your snoring.

12. Could Snore Circle be bad for your health?

Snore Circle son dispositivos desarrollados, con todo el rigor científico, por ingenieros y médicos titulados de la Unidad del Sueño de la Facultad de Medicina de Cantón (Guangzhou) en China.

It has taken more than 5 years of scientific research and development. It is now in its third design version, with all the precautions taken for the health and comfort of the user, including the use of a new allergenic silicone.

Snore Circle is non-intrusive and can be left alone if you feel any discomfort.

Snore Circle does not affect our health at all.

When you use it during sleep, it stays off (emits no sound or vibration) until it detects a snore.

Bluetooth is then only used to archive data from your dream. It is always switched off during use.

13. Can children and seniors use Snore Circle?

No problem at all.

14. Do I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

You may exercise your right to return the product within a maximum of 14 working days (calendar days) from the date of receipt of the product.

If you have informed us of this decision within this period, you have a further 14 days to return your order to us.

We will refund the amount of your purchase upon receipt of the return within a maximum of 14 days.

However, it is essential that the product is in perfect condition.

The Snore Circle team will check the condition of the product before refunding the amount.

If the product is damaged, we will reduce the amount refunded by the value of the lost product.



In order to exercise this right, it is essential that :

  • you inform us of your intention to return the product within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date of receipt
  • by emailing us at
  • indicating the order number,
  • send us the product with the original packaging and all accessories within 14 days from the date of your notification to the following address:



Avenida de los Madroños 54B

28043 Madrid



We recommend sending by registered mail. If the package is lost, Snore Circle Europe S.L. will not be responsible for the return.

When we receive the product, we will issue a refund using the same payment method you used to make the return.

We will reimburse you for all amounts you paid for the product, with the exception of shipping costs for its return.


Important: In accordance with article 103 of the law 3/2014, any product must be returned in its original packaging with all the accessories contained in the article in question, they must be in perfect condition and protected. They must be sealed and no stickers or other type of adhesive tape may be affixed to the product.

15. How much does Snore Circle weigh?

The Snore Circle earmuff weighs about 15 grams and 49 grams for the mask. You’ll hardly notice its presence when you wear one of the devices.

16. Does Snore Circle have a warranty?

Snore Circle has a 2-year European warranty.

17. Where can I download the App?

iPhone users can search the AppStore by “Snore Circle” or the latest, most modern and complete version “Sleeplus”. Android users find it by entering Google Play, searching by the same names.

18. Is it essential to use the App?

You can use Snore Circle without its App. It works and stores data without being connected to the App. However, to view the data, you will need to download the App “Snore Circle” or “Sleeplus” and connect your Snore Circle to your phone via Bluetooth.

Without the App, you lose a fundamental function of Snore Circle, you can not consult the quality of your sleep, nor the reduction of your snoring.

The App allows you to consult the quality of your dream and a detailed analysis of your snoring (snoring by the hour, calendar with visualization by days/weeks/months of the snoring).

19. Is there an App for all mobile phones?

You can download the App For iPhone 4S and all later versions from the Apple Store. Androids 4.3 or later versions that support Bluetooth 4.0 can also download and run the App.

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