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Do you know that snoring is bad for your health?

Snoring affects the quality of your sleep and thus damages your health.

  • Snoring weakens your concentration and affects your memory.
  • Snoring increases your risk of accident.
  • Snoring damages your immune system.
  • Your snoring increases your risk of stroke.
  • Your snoring predisposes you to obesity and diabetes.
  • Your snoring predisposes you to sleep apnea.

And… if it doesn’t work on me?

If you really decided to stop your snoring, Snore Circle will bring you the solution!

  • you’ll have to get used to sleeping with him. It’s allergic and very light, but it might bother you a little until you find the right pillow.
  • it will take some effort, but much less than quitting smoking or dieting.
  • if you are not satisfied, you will return the device with its accessories and original packaging to us within 15 days of the date of purchase and we will refund your money without any questions.

Like stop snoring forever?

Tips to stop him from snoring:

  • sleeping in a lateral position allows you not to snore at night.
  • control overweight, lose weight
  • reduce alcohol and sleeping pills
  • take all recommended measures to sleep better at night (choose the best bed, change your lifestyle, change your habits, go to bed and get up at fixed times, keep the temperature in the sleeping room low, avoid using your mobile phone, tablet, television before going to sleep, relax)
  • use an anti-snoring device

Are anti-snoring devices efficient?

You snore and you’ve already tried inefficient solutions!

  • sprays, oral treatments, straps of various types do not help you
  • strips, bands and nasal dilators are ineffective
  • mandibular advances: Yes, they can help you but they damage your teeth!
  • are SnoreCircle devices efficient? Yes! They will reduce your snoring in a few days until they are completely controlled if you are aware of your use.

Snore Circle are scientifically designed anti-snoring devices.

They combine techniques of bone conduction recognition (vibrations of your body when you snore) and auditory stimulation (it tells you “snore” and prompts you to stop).

It’s easy to test the efficiency of Snore Circle devices with your App!

Is it possible to control snoring?

Snore Circle are devices scientifically designed to stop snoring and control snoring. The efficiency of Snore Circle is verified through its app that will provide you with a series of data:

  • visualization by days, weeks and months of snoring
  • snoring calendar
  • most importantly, a detailed analysis of the hourly snoring with its duration and the volume of the snoring
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