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Caja Antironquidos Snore Circle Stopper
Caja Antironquidos Snore Circle Stopper

Stopping snoring is easy with Snore Circle devices. Obviously, if you’ve tried different snore treatments and they haven’t worked for you, want to know more before you buy a new system. That’s why we want to explain why our anti-snoring works and how to stop snoring with Snore Circle step by step. In most cases snorers cannot control things like opening their mouth or relaxing the veil of the palate and throat during sleep. However, Snore Circle does this by avoiding snoring.

Unlike the numerous anti-snoring devices on the market (jaw, nasal strips, nasal dilator, anti-snoring spray, anti-snoring band or ring …), Snore Circle are active devices that help you sleep better and improve your health. While other devices try to treat nasal or airway congestion, they do not attack the causes of snoring. Forget about home remedies and also ineffective methods, try Snore Circle and start sleeping well.

With Snore Circle devices you will be able to control your snoring and get a diagnosis through your App. This way you can check if the problem can be a more complex cause that needs medical treatment. Keep in mind that there are certain problems such as obstructive sleep apnea, having a deviated nasal septum or cervical and back injuries. They need to be checked by a specialist doctor. On the other hand, do not forget to always follow a few tips before getting into bed. How to avoid alcohol, make less copious dinners and adopt a better sleeping position.

Stopping snoring has been shown to affect our quality of life. Since sleep and better sleep during the night makes us wake up in better shape and mood. Putting an end to snoring, coupled with better sleeping posture, will make your health considerably better. Avoiding recurrent visits to the family doctor and serious long-term health problems.

Why does Snore Circle help you stop snoring?

  • When you sleep and snore at night, whether by mouth or throat, this device detects your snoring thanks to bone conduction recognition technology. That is to say, it detects the vibrations of the body of the person who snores.
  • If you make noise while catching or expelling air, Snore Circle makes you “aware” of your snoring and stimulates you to change position with a small beep in your ear. This tightens the muscles in the back of your throat and nostrils. Stopping the snoring and making the air flow freely through your mouth and nose.
  • All this is recorded in your App account so that you can see during the day how the phases of your dream have been. As well as how many times you have snored, if you have managed to control the snoring and establish graphs so you can assess your quality of sleep.

Download the App

It’s easy to test the efficiency of Snore Circle devices with your App!

We have testimonials from hundreds of users who have managed to control their snoring. More importantly, these testimonials have helped us improve our products! In fact, we continue to listen and read carefully the experiences and news of our users by all means. From email, phone or social networks like twitter or facebook. This has made the latest generation of Snore Circle easier to adjust, lighter and smoother. Just as you asked. To minimize the slight discomfort that can generate the use of a device like this during sleep.

But most importantly, you’ll be able to see for yourself how efficient Snore Circle is. With a chance of success, thanks to an accurate and personalized measurement of the improvement in the quality of your sleep. When you use one of the Snore Circle devices, they don’t just detect your snoring and help you control it. But it also records the number and intensity of each snore. And it indicates the ones you have been able to control thanks to the help of this device. In addition, Snore Circle gives you an accurate report of your dream. Indicating the duration of the different phases of your sleep (deep, light, micro awakenings). And finally giving you a scientific and objective assessment of the quality of your sleep. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the App. And you’ll get proof of the efficiency of Snore Circle and the improvement, day after day, of the quality of your sleep. You’ll sleep better and thus improve your health!

Stopping snoring is possible if we have the right means. There are many methods to stop snoring; among the classic methods, some work well for a while, others only work in some cases. But this device of last generation allows to end the snoring with a total effectiveness. The device detects when we start to snore and quickly sends an acoustic signal that makes us change position, which ends with the snoring immediately.

Stopping snoring is possible if we have the right means. There are many methods to stop snoring; among the classic methods, some work well for a while, others only work in some cases. But this device of last generation allows to end the snoring with a total effectiveness. The device detects when we start to snore and quickly sends an acoustic signal that makes us change position, which ends with the snoring immediately.

The device only needs to be charged and we simply place it inside the ear; thanks to the ergonomic shape with which they are designed it does not cause any discomfort at bedtime, and its touch is soft, almost imperceptible. Once placed in the ear we will not notice anything, although the device is already working. Thanks to the permanent connection with our smartphone, the device registers all the data about our sleep; number of hours, quality of sleep, heart rate, etc. and of course warns us if we start snoring to interrupt the annoying snoring.

This is not only an advantage when it comes to stopping snoring; normally when we snore what happens is less air entering our lungs; in other words, we breathe worse. This is very negative for long-term health, and even in extreme cases can lead to sleep apnea, a condition that must be treated by specialist doctors. In addition, knowing concrete data about the quality of our sleep and its number of hours helps us to know if we are resting properly; in short, these anti-snoring devices are designed to improve our sleep, and therefore our general health. There are many studies that relate the state of health and mood with the quality of rest, so that these intelligent devices can be a before and after in your life.

If, in addition to having an active device, you follow these tips, you will be able to stop snoring once and for all. They are simple tricks that can help a lot to stop snoring:

  • The best way not to snore is to sleep on your side; this posture helps to make the passage of air through your throat more fluid. If, on the other hand, we sleep on our backs, it is easier for us to snore.
  • Always try to sleep with your mouth closed; this is done in order to breathe through your nose, which minimizes snoring, which occurs in the membranes of the palate. To find out if you sleep with your mouth open, you only have to check if your mouth is dry when you wake up, or if you wake up very thirsty; this is a sign that when we sleep we are breathing through our mouth and not through our nose.
  • The pillow and mattress are equally important to facilitate our rest. Especially pillows; it is best to try several until you find one that facilitates our rest and is comfortable to use. Try to avoid very thin pillows, it is better to sleep with your head slightly elevated so that the neck musculature rests better; of course a better neck position minimizes snoring.
  • Make sure you breathe clean air in your bedroom; ventilate daily and get rid of dust and mites with a vacuum cleaner, especially make sure you vacuum and clean the mattress and sheets well; it is where more dust and mites accumulate. You should also avoid smoking before going to sleep, especially in the same space where you rest. Maintaining good air quality in the room is extremely important; you can have a plant or a humidifier to bring some moisture into the air and prevent our breathing pits from drying out too much when we sleep.
  • Try to modify your eating habits before going to sleep; if dinner is too heavy it will not only cost you to sleep properly; you will also be uncomfortable and therefore more likely to snore. A light dinner facilitates sleep and minimizes snoring; you can also have an infusion of honey and lemon before going to sleep.

If you follow these tips you will see how little by little you snore less and less; without a doubt the perfect complement for these habits is an anti-snoring device that helps you to stop snoring when everything else fails. Having control of the quality of your sleep will mean a substantial improvement in your health and you will have more energy for the day to day.

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