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Effective anti-snoring

Snore Circle

Revolutionary and intelligent, the solution that works to stop snoring

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Snore Circle snores are the result of numerous years of scientific research and development.

New Anti Snoring Mask

After several years of developing its snore headset, Snore Circle’s research and development team, engineers and doctors have just made a new product available to their customers, the Snore Circle anti snoring mask.

Based on the same technology of detection of snoring, intelligent and proven, capturing bone vibrations, and so fast in its anti-snoring action, instantly sending a message (micro-vibration) to the snorer, the mask is even more effective, naturally, thanks to its calming effect on the eyes and its total screen to the light that will allow you to sleep better.

The Snore Circle mask will quickly become your travel companion, plane or train, and allow you to sleep in public without anyone knowing you’re a snorer.

Snore Circle products are a truly effective solution against snoring, which will be demonstrated to you by using your Smartphone App and recording the decrease in your snoring. You will be able to see its effectiveness in ending this annoying problem.

Stop snoring with Snore Circle

Snore Circle are anti-snoring personal care devices scientifically designed by sleep specialists with the latest generation technologies. From their app you can monitor the phases of your sleep to detect possible health problems related to the intensity of your snoring.


Find out about your dream with the Snore Circle Anti Snore app.

Measure your progress. Record the history of your dream and have, day after day, less snoring, better quality of sleep and better health.

Control your snoring. No. of detected snoring, snore intensity and snoring controlled by Snore Circle activation.

Monitor the actual phases of your sleep. Duration of each phase of your sleep. Identify whether each phase has been light or deep sleep.

Improve your health. Your historical progress to have an objective assessment of the quality of your sleep and prevent possible sleeping disorders.

How do Snore Circle snore devices work?

Our anti-snoring devices detect snoring with sound recognition and bone conduction technologies.

When they identify the snoring they emit a micro-vibration.

This action stimulates the throat muscles and restores proper air circulation so that you stop snoring.

Every time you snore it is recorded in the history of your app so that you can keep track of your sleep and improve it day by day.

Presented like this, it does seem very simple!

However, Snore Circle as we know it today is the result of numerous years of scientific research and development.

It’s important to understand how it works.

1. Detection of snoring

Snore Circle uses the most advanced vibration detection technologies.

When you snore, you don’t just generate this characteristic noise that bothers your partner. A few moments before the snore your body has already suffered a bone vibration. Your bones vibrate due to your breathing disorder.

Snore Circle is equipped with sensitive vibration detectors that can also be adjusted with the App. If you snore very weakly you can increase the sensitivity, if you are in a noisy environment you adjust it to increase the vibration, for example, in an airplane. You can also reduce the sensitivity and Snore Circle will detect your snoring above the ambient noise.

Snore Circle detects snoring vibrations and records them.

Its great efficiency lies in the very early detection of the signal, before the snoring occurs, allowing an action on this same snore.

2. Treatment of snoring

Snore Circle anti-snoring devices are an effective aid to help you stop snoring.

They work in 2 different modes. On the basis of conscious but also unconscious behaviors.

I realize my snoring and its harmfulness.

One of the main characteristics of snoring is that the sufferer often does not know it.

Even if you are one of the greatest snorers, unless you already suffer from obstructive sleep apnea or great fatigue, you are not aware that you snore, even to the point of annoying those around you. Your partner tells you and has been complaining for several years about sleep problems. The people around you are concerned about your health and that of your airways, but you are still not aware of it and these snoring do not bother you at all. However, your health is at stake!

The first quality of Snore Circle devices is therefore to allow you, without waking up, to make you aware of your snoring or nasal problems. Snore Circle will point out to you not only the loudest snoring you’ve ever woken up to, but almost all of it during your sleep. Aware of these snores, you can then try to control them, as you do naturally, the few times you realize them and their impact on your environment.

Snore Circle helps you to control your snoring, without waking up or you noticing. Improving the flow while you sleep.

As you’ve just understood, Snore Circle instantly detects snoring (in fact, before it happens, thanks to the detection of bone vibration that precedes the vibratory phenomenon of breathing and the emission of sound that characterizes it). Snore Circle emits a micro-vibration that, without waking you up, gives you a warning: “You snore! “and encourages you to regain control of your breathing and re-tension the muscles in your throat which, when completely relaxed, produce snoring.

Snore Circle helps you become aware of your snoring and, without waking you up, encourages you to control it. They unconsciously take control of themselves and quickly improve the quality of your sleep.

Snore Circle is an anti-snoring system that not only works on the consciousness, but the micro-vibration emitted also acts directly on the muscles that (through the hypoglossal nerve in particular, on a principle similar to the implanted nervous simulation systems) help to fight against the relaxation of the tissues of the upper respiratory system during the phases of sleep, also affecting your nostrils.

Snore Circle will create a conditioned reflex in you, without producing any discomfort or using uncomfortable nasal strips or similar anti-snoring products. Over time, it will also help tone the tissues in your throat that are involved in snoring. In a few weeks, it will allow you to stop snoring and soon you will be able to do without the Snore Circle (you will use it again if the snoring returns). Not as another type of anti-snoring that needs continued use. Substantially improving your sleep and that of the people around you.

Snore Circle was scientifically developed by sleep engineers and doctors. It works! The data recorded by Snore Circle while you sleep, once transferred to your smartphone via the Snore Circle application, will prove it to you, with the recording, night after night, of less and less numerous and less powerful snoring.

Snore Circle allows you to quickly control your snoring. However, if you have already developed obstructive sleep apnea, Snore Circle cannot replace your PAP (Positive Pressure Breathing Aid) equipment. Those who can do without their CPAP for one or two nights, depending on their state of fatigue, can be helped by Snore Circle, but must imperatively talk to their attending physician and obtain their consent to use it.

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